Three’s a Trend: Luscious Fruit Bowls For Summer

Ready. Set. Crave. These luscious, colorful concoctions are perfect for summer.

Blue Bowl photograph by Mariah Tauger

1. Blue Bowl Superfoods
Create-Your-Own, $7 to $13
Pack your energy bowl with a selection of fruit and oat bases, such as blue spirulina chia pudding, and unlimited toppings, such as almond butter and goji berries. 417 S. Main St., Orange

2. Paradise Bowls
Maui Wow-Me, $7.25 to $11
Want to indulge in an edible rainbow? Start with bananas, strawberries, mango, and dragon fruit. Top with honey, blueberries, crunchy granola, and nutritious bee pollen. Locations in Irvine and Newport Beach

3. C Fruitlife
Fruit Mix Grass Jelly, $8
Hong Kong has a fruit bowl language all its own, translated for your palate using melon balls, mango, lily bulb petals, and cubes of grass jelly made by boiling and cooling stalks of an herb in the mint family. Irvine, 949-880-8156

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