Three’s A Trend: What’s a Porthole Cocktail?

Photo credit: Courtesy of Angelina’s Pizzeria

Inspired by the windows on ships’ hulls and used for infusions, the porthole provides a view of the fruit, herbs, and spices.

The architecturally spectacular spot offers “rapid-infusion” cocktails for two ($25). The bourbon-based Port of Manhattan brims with maraschino cherries and cinnamon. The Real Dill suspends cucumber, lemon, and dill in gin and lemon-lime soda. DANA POINT, 949-493-1183

Drinks designed for sharing ($32 each) at this vibrant destination include a Negroni infused with orange, rosemary, bay leaf, and Luxardo cherries, and the Angelina’s, a clarified vodka-genever milk punch displaying several fruits and spices. IRVINE, 949-536-5200

Contrasting porthole infusions at 16-course prix fixe pop-up dinners transform guests’ champagne cocktails. One contains Thai basil, mint, cinnamon, star anise, amaranth, and butterfly blue pea flower, which turns drinks bright purple. COSTA MESA, 949-491-4297

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