Behind the Counter with Robert Hagopian & Brian Smith of The Butchery

Visit the premium butcher shop’s new location in Newport Beach.
Photo by Priscilla Iezzi

Why come here instead of a supermarket?
We’ll happily spatchcock a bird for you, bone-roll and tie a rib roast, tie a tenderloin roast, make a crown roast, cut a two-bone pork chop—whatever you need, however you want it.

People always ask…
“What’s the difference?” For example, what’s the difference between Prime ribeye and Top‑Choice ribeye? The answer is not always that Prime is better. If you’re making a rib roast, we might recommend our Top-Choice; Prime can be too fatty.

What might customers find here that they can’t elsewhere?
Our 45-day dry-aged beef. We aren’t aware of anyone else having it. It has a beefy, earthy flavor our customers really love.

Do you sell anything else?  
We have a full deli, a large selection of artisan cheeses, craft beers, wines, and specialty grocery items.

An easy family dinner?
Our kids ask for roast chicken. Our butchers can truss a Jidori chicken and dry brine (salt) it for you. By the time you get home, it’s ready to roast—250 degrees for three hours, then crisp at 400 degrees. Or crank up the temperature and cook it in less than an hour. It’s easy, one pan, and a great-tasting dinner.

Any exclusives at this Butchery location?
In Crystal Cove, we think there’s an opportunity to focus on higher-end wines and harder‑to‑find craft beers.

Your wine go-to?
Summers 2014 Andriana’s Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon drinks really well and is a great value.

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