The Breakdown: Duck Toast Brioche from Jojo’s Hideaway

Chef Roman Jimenez at Jojo’s Hideaway wanted to offer a “good, easygoing duck,” with a twist: “I put it on toast to make it look pretty.”
Duck Toast Brioche Jojo's Hideaway
Duck Toast Brioche by Chef Roman Jimenez at Jojo’s Hideaway in Tustin.

Photo by Emily J. Davis.

1. Preparing the duck is a 36-hour process, which includes curing it overnight in citrus and rosemary, blanching it in duck fat, and braising for 21⁄2 hours.

2. Figs add a sweet flavor. The kitchen team goes to the farmers market every week, finds whatever fruit is available, and often dehydrates or pickles the produce.

3. The bread comes from Solomon’s Bakery. “I want it to look like toast,” Jimenez says. He likes any bread with a split on top.

4. Blueberry gastrique is sweet and sour at once.

5. Marigold petals make a pretty garnish. Jimenez says he likes to keep the owners on their toes—the petals are sometimes on, sometimes not.

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