The Breakdown: Beef Short Rib Confit

The dish is part of a multicourse pop-up dinner by Adia, happening this month at The Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa.

1. Onion dashi—made from onion juice, beef stock, and soy sauce—is served tableside.

2. Crispy, baked kale serves as a garnish with green apple sorrel, mustard flowers, violas, and micro thyme.

3. Russet potatoes are grated and slow-cooked in pork fat. They are then drained, pressed, and deep-fried into a hashbrown.

4. Red shallots are braised in sherry vinegar, Minus 8 vinegar, and brown sugar, creating a sweet-and-sour flavor.

5. Beef short rib is cooked in its own fat at a low temperature, resulting in a rich and tender cut of meat.

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