The Aspen Crud: A Real Prohibition Cocktail

In this month’s Perfect Getaway, we visit Aspen, Colorado, where the Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar has an illustrious past. During Prohibition, the bar was converted to a soda fountain—but locals in the know found a way around the liquor laws. Writer J.P. Marquand, Luke Short (Fred Glidden), and Thornton Wilder ordered a milkshake with a little something extra: bourbon they called “crud.” The Aspen Crud is still served in J-Bar today.

Here’s the original Aspen Crud recipe.

5 Scoops of French Vanilla Ice Cream

3 1 oz. Shots of Bourbon

Place Ice Cream in a blender and add shots of Bourbon.

Blend for several seconds until smooth.

Serve in a tin mug.

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