Stats: Polly’s Pie Bonanza

For this pie shop that started in O.C., Thanksgiving means all hands on deck.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Polly’s Pies is Orange County’s original when it comes to all things pie. Brothers Eddie and Don Sheldrake opened the first one on Raymond Avenue in Fullerton in 1968. Nearly 55 years later, all 13 locations are still family owned. “People want to know who exactly Polly is,” says Jacklyn Mitosinka, brand director for the restaurant group and Eddie’s granddaughter.

“My grandfather, being the frugal businessman he is, named the restaurant Polly’s because the building’s door handles were shaped like the letter P.” In the days leading to Thanksgiving, the ovens are on for 72 hours with dedicated bakers rolling dough, filling tins, monitoring the ovens, and boxing the pies until the last one is picked up at noon Thanksgiving Day. 


Pumpkin pies ordered for the holiday


Average cost of a whole pie


Years that Felipe Cortez has been making Thanksgiving pies at Polly’s


Baking shifts, with three bakers per shift, over three days


Pounds of flour needed for Thanksgiving pie orders