Rad Beer Co. Opens in Anaheim

Anaheim’s newest brewery combines the nostalgia of ‘90s skate culture with German flavors.
Photograph by Michelle Pagaran

The recently opened Rad Beer Co. brings together Cameron Collins, founder of Brew Ha Ha Productions, and Dylan Mobley, former head brewer at Bottle Logic Brewing and head brewer at Helmsman Ale House. Entrepreneurs Joe Wilshire (Docent Brewing and Project Social) and Steve Martin (Project Social) also head the project. One thing they all have in common is a love for California, ’90s skate culture, and pilsners.

“(The ’90s) was when most of grew up. The (tasting room’s) artwork embodies our youth,” says Rad Beer Co. partner Cameron Collins.

The owners are also excited to add to Anaheim’s vibrant beer scene. The tasting room features bright red accents and a floor-to-ceiling mural by a local artist that celebrates some of Anaheim’s iconic landmarks, from Disneyland to Angel Stadium. Curated playlists of punk rock and reggae create a relaxed, chill vibe.

“For me, I do beer festivals all over the place,” says Collins. “Anaheim breweries have been a huge part of what we’ve done since we started in 2010. Being part of it now instead of just being someone who celebrated it, it’s a pretty cool feeling like, hey, now we’re actually doing it too.”

Rad Beer Co. has an introductory beer list with highlights including the King Minutia, a German pilsner, and the Cloud Bottom, a hazy IPA. Food trucks are currently stationed on site and offerings from Rad Brat, the brewery’s sister restaurant in Dana Point, are in the works. 

Photograph by Michelle Pagaran

When that happens, Collins recommends pairing the King Minutia with the signature Rad Brat bratwurst with peppers, sauerkraut, and Beaver Deli mustard. “It’s like being in Germany.”

Rad Beer Co.
1301 S. Lewis St.

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