Prepared Food Market Everytable Aims to Make Santa Ana Healthier

The strategy? Creating menus that reflect its surrounding cultural community.

Everytable Santa Ana Grand Opening

Everytable is the newest fast-casual food offering to come to Santa Ana, but unlike most eateries in that category, it’s looking to bring nutritious meals to the region.

As government studies have shown, minority communities have historically found it difficult to get access to healthy foods. Everytable was started by a former hedge fund manager who hopes to change that.

“It’s literally our mission,” says founder and CEO Sam Polk. “We believe in bringing nutritious and affordable food to every table in the country, with no one left out.”

To accomplish that mission, Polk researched the industry and found that lower income and predominantly minority communities were not being serviced by premium markets such as Whole Foods and even traditional grocery chains such as Albertsons because of sourcing and logistical costs.

To lower those costs and make healthy foods accessible to those underserved communities, Polk created a business that sells pre-prepared cold and hot meals. The meals are crafted in a central kitchen, then sent to surrounding Everytable locations and sold directly to consumers in their neighborhoods.

Originally launched in Los Angeles, two new Everytable locations are now open in Santa Ana (the first locations in Orange County). Each location is in a minority-centric area with little access to nutritious meals. 

According to Polk, Everytable recognized the difficulty of entering a market and being ignorant of the taste and flavors of foods served in the community. That’s why each market has a menu specific to that region.

For Santa Ana’s locations, you can expect lots of Mexican-inspired flavors. There are items such as a classic breakfast burrito for the morning, an elote caesar salad for lunch, and a spicy chicken tinga bowl for dinner, to name a few. 

Each meal is portioned for one individual with prices averaging around $8.

You can enjoy the meals right inside the Everytable location, or buy a few of them to bring home. There is even a subscription service option.

Everytable’s mission of making nutritious food a human right is further reflected at each location—walk in, and you’ll see a board inviting people to “pay it forward” and buy a meal for someone else, or enjoy the generosity of a meal that has already been paid for.

“That’s my favorite part of this place,” says Alex Aguilar, manager of the Harbor Boulevard location. “If you want to pay for your oatmeal vegan cookie and someone else’s, you can. And it matters.”

Find out more on Everytable’s website.

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