Paradise Dynasty Celebrates First Anniversary and National Dumpling Day With New Menu Items

The soup dumpling hot spot introduces new limited-edition and permanent menu items.

The dumpling destination opened its first U.S. location at South Coast Plaza just last year. For their first anniversary (and National Dumpling Day, which is September 26), the restaurant launched an exclusive, limited-edition flavor: Chili Crab Xiao Long Bao (XLB). Chili crab is known as the national dish of Singapore, where Paradise Dynasty started. Filled with crab and a rich, savory-sweet chili crab sauce, this soup dumpling is available for a limited time, from September 26 through October 31.

Limited-edition chili crab soup dumpling. Photograph Courtesy of Paradise Dynasty

While the Chili Crab XLB is a temporary addition, new vegan-friendly items are here to stay, including shimeji mushrooms, vegan wontons, and vegan dumplings. And to add more color and flavor to the already colorful Specialty Dynasty signature rainbow soup dumpling dish, the restaurant released two new XLB flavors: kimchi and chicken pate. 

Along with new food items, Paradise Dynasty is celebrating another milestone: securing an alcohol license. In addition to the fruit sodas and milk teas, customers can now enjoy alcoholic cocktails such as a classic Singapore Sling and Pear Mule Paradise.  

Pear Mule Paradise. Photograph Courtesy of Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty 

Collage Culinary Experience at South Coast Plaza
3333 S. Bristol St., Costa Mesa 

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