Orange County’s Best New Restaurants of 2020

A look back at this year’s winners in time for our annual Best Of issue!
Cocktails #togetherwetoast, left, and Beets by Drew; Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Our picks reveal wildly different inspirations—from Irish folk tales to Manhattan nostalgia to magnified French luxury—but share a confident, indie spirit. And for 2020, we peek back 10 years at these locations for clues to what we loved back then.


Restaurant of the Year: Fable & Spirit

Fable & Spirit Is Our 2020 Restaurant Of The Year

Bello by Sandro Nardone

Bello By Sandro Nardone Showcases Progressive Italian Cusine


Benchmark Is A Santa Ana Hot Spot With Alfresco Dining

CdM Restaurant

CdM Restaurant Is A Lavish Coastal Venue With a Subterranean Speakeasy

Crudo at The Hall Global Eatery

Crudo at The Hall Global Eatery Has An Upscale, Yet Low-Key Vibe

Knife Pleat

Knife Pleat Arrives With Glow of Michelin Starlight

Old Brea Chop House

Old Brea Chop House Sizzles With Steakhouse Classics

Tavern House

Tavern House Pairs Fun Favorites With Fresh Creations

The Drake

The Drake Pairs Distinctive Cuisine With Primo Live Music

The Yellow Chilli

Yellow Chilli Serves Faithful Indian Fare in a Nifty Setting

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