Orange County’s Best New Restaurants of 2020

A look back at this year’s winners in time for our annual Best Of issue!
Cocktails #togetherwetoast, left, and Beets by Drew; Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Our picks reveal wildly different inspirations—from Irish folk tales to Manhattan nostalgia to magnified French luxury—but share a confident, indie spirit. And for 2020, we peek back 10 years at these locations for clues to what we loved back then.

Restaurant of the Year: Fable & Spirit

➜ Fable & Spirit Is Our 2020 Restaurant Of The Year

Bello by Sandro Nardone

➜ Bello By Sandro Nardone Showcases Progressive Italian Cusine


➜ Benchmark Is A Santa Ana Hot Spot With Alfresco Dining

CdM Restaurant

➜ CdM Restaurant Is A Lavish Coastal Venue With a Subterranean Speakeasy

Crudo at The Hall Global Eatery

➜ Crudo at The Hall Global Eatery Has An Upscale, Yet Low-Key Vibe

Knife Pleat

➜ Knife Pleat Arrives With Glow of Michelin Starlight

Old Brea Chop House

➜ Old Brea Chop House Sizzles With Steakhouse Classics

Tavern House

➜ Tavern House Pairs Fun Favorites With Fresh Creations

The Drake

➜ The Drake Pairs Distinctive Cuisine With Primo Live Music

The Yellow Chilli

➜ Yellow Chilli Serves Faithful Indian Fare in a Nifty Setting

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