Only five wines?

Driving by Mozza in Newport last night (Sept. 1) and I already had dinner but it looked happening so we pulled in. Guess they didn’t announce their opening night. Wasn’t full at 9:30 so we could have gotten a table but saw a sommelier friend at the bar and joined him. He was already sitting with another sommelier he had just met. Of course we asked about what they were drinking.
So far Mozza only offers five wines. Staff said something about liquor license. Actually it was refreshing not to see a wall full of the lastest gimmicky vodkas. The Bastianich wines are a project of  owner/partner Joe Bastianich who is part of the troika that includes Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton. I tried a glass of the sangiovese and it was a really nice food wine. Oh, and I had the pizza of my life, too. Newport is suddenly gourmet pizzaland with Alessa just up the street and Il Barone not far away.
So get to Mozza as soon as you can for a pizza and pick a glass of vino to go with. Here’s the lineup:
N.V. Prosecco, Flor (Veneto) Prosecco $10
2008 Bastianich (Friuli) Friulano $14
2008 “Vespa Bianco,” Bastianich (Friuli) chardonay/sauvignon/picolit $24
2008 Morellino di Scansano “I Perazzi,” La Mozza (Toscana) sangiovese $14
2006 “Vespa Rosso,” Bastianich (Friuli) merlot/refosco/cab franc/cab sauv $26
2010 Moscato d’Asti, Saracco (Piemonte) moscato $10 (a dessert wine)

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