Nibbles: Chicken Pot Pie Smackdown

When October rolls around, comfort-food cravings ramp up. We want a hearty, satisfying chicken potpie. Orange County boasts some fine examples, but these two rise to the top. Find out which is our favorite.

Sidedoor's chicken pot pie
Sidedoor’s chicken pot pie

3801 E. Coast Highway, Corona del Mar,
➡ This puff-pastry potpie is as classic as they come—brown and beautiful with a mountainous crust. $12
➡ Robustly flavored and appropriately tender, the Jidori chicken upholds its reputation.
➡ Flavorful gravy surrounds perfectly cooked veggies—the peas, carrots, and potatoes are sweet, with the proper toothsome bite.
➡A light, flaky crust is the desired golden topper. A bottom crust, though, is nowhere to be found.

270 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa,
➡ The Southern Comfort is an Aussie take on traditional chicken potpie, served piping hot. $6.50
➡ An exceptionally light and buttery crust cradles the thick, chicken-heavy filling.
➡ Traditional celery, potato, peas, and carrots in a white-wine cream sauce are elevated by a jolt of thyme and black pepper.
➡ Fresh from the oven, this pie is ready to eat with a fork or sturdy enough to eat out of hand.

The humble appeal of Pie-Not’s yummy offering sates a craving, but the polished SideDoor pie, above, and the cozy pub vibe that comes with it, is hard to beat.


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