New Boba Shops in Orange County

Here are 10 new places to get your boba fix!
Moozi Tea Bar Boba Shop Orange County
Drinks served at Moozi Tea Bar in Garden Grove.

Photo courtesy Moozi Tea Bar

Even amid a pandemic, bubble tea spots have continued to sprout up all over Orange County. Here are 10 of our favorite boba shops that have opened in the past two years.


Moozi Tea Bar

This women-owned boba shop is known for their Triple the Trouble fruit tea with peach, strawberry, and mango jasmine tea and topped with fresh fruit and rainbow jelly; their Matcha Swirl smoothie with cheese cream, and their Mangonada smoothie with chamoy, tajin, tamarind candy, and fresh mango. Garden Grove

Holy Sheep

The top three drinks at this adorable boba shop include the Brown Sugar Avalanche with boba and grass jelly, the Holy Sheep Fruit Tea with peach, lychee, and chia seeds, and The Holy Grail (house signature milk tea) with cheese foam. Feel free to customize your sweetness level. Anaheim,

Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is different than other boba shops because it primarily sells milk teas instead of fruit teas, and it’s known for its brown sugar bubble tea, which takes eight hours to make. The stripes of syrup running down the sides of each cup are what give the shop its name. Irvine,

Pink Pig

Across the street from UC Irvine, the popular new store has traditional milk teas and fresh fruit teas as well as unique flavors such as Nutella milk tea and passion avocado. The store also sells high quality gelato with flavors from espresso to ube. Irvine, 

Soma Tea & Mocktail

This shop prides itself on only using the highest quality ingredients. They have everything from banana chocolate milk tea to a sparkling sunrise mocktail, and their drinks are known for being lightly sweetened. Specialty drinks include the Afternoon at Sicily with lemon and espresso. Irvine,

Katsubo Tea

With two locations, Katsubo Tea offers many specialty drinks such as the Ronin matcha, Aichi green tea crumble, and cinnamon cream Yakult. There’s also an array of brown sugar boba milks and cheese teas. Toppings go beyond boba (four different kinds) to include tiramisu foam and toffee crumble. Fullerton and Mission Viejo,


This shop is known for its fresh fruit teas, such as grapefruit green tea, watermelon green tea, and dragon fruit Hurricane. They are known for their milk teas with cheese foam, and specialty drinks such as Oreo brulee green milk tea and Nutella boba latte. Orange,

Loose Leaf Boba Co.

This spot specializes in creating authentic, house-made drinks without any preservatives or artificial flavors. Milk options include Straus organic milk, Oatly oat milk, and Califia almond milk. Drinks include a strawberry matcha latte, guava atole, Banana Foster Milk with caramelized Jamaican rum, and the Pandan Piña Collision with coconut milk and pineapple puree. Santa Ana,

Krak Boba

This boba shop was inspired by the folktale of King Krakus and the Dragon. Specialty drinks include the King Bruleé, Taro Twist, and Dragon Slayer—a lychee slush with dragon fruit and mango bits. Lake Forest, Santa Ana, and Westminster,

Momot Tea House

Customers enjoy their popular specialty house drinks such as red bean milk tea, taro milk tea, and brown sugar milk tea. Add cheese foam to any drink. Mission Viejo,

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