Miffies Coffee is O.C.’s First All-Vegan Mobile Cafe

Didi and Ross Lower, co-founders of Miffies Coffee

The first of its kind in California, Miffies Coffee is an O.C.-based mobile cafe that is completely vegan. Founded by Ross and Didi Lower of Brighton, England, the roaming truck offers a robust menu of oat milk-based lattes, signature dessert-like drinks, sweet treats, and even smoothie bowls. We especially love the Graffiti Tea (a passion fruit lemonade shake) and the mango-pineapple smoothie bowl. With a focus on sustainability, the founders source local, organic ingredients, use biodegradable containers and straws, and hope to one day be an exclusively battery-operated truck.

What attracted you to Orange County?
Didi and I fell in love with California in 2019 when we did a tour from San Diego up to San Francisco. Living by the water was an absolute must as we are from Brighton in the U.K. and are water babies at heart. Whilst we love city life, it’s not something we want to be in 24/7 so L.A. never seemed an option. Orange County seemed perfect for us. We can pop up to L.A., run down to San Diego, or hang out at one of the amazing beaches—O.C. has it all.

What inspired this concept of an all plant-based coffee truck?
Didi has been dairy-free for 15 years and has felt the frustration of buying coffee in coffee shops. From the extra charge for plant-based milk to only having soy milk (available), no one seemed to be doing it well. Three years ago, we both went vegan for health, moral and environmental reasons, and whilst we never want to preach our beliefs, serving dairy really wasn’t something we could ever consider. Plus, have you tried oat milk in your coffee? It’s so good!

Where do you source your ingredients?
It is important to us to source locally where we can, organic where we can, and of course, be plant-based. Our coffee is from the amazing Captain + Stoker, a roaster and coffee shop in Monterey. They are not only roasting unbelievably good coffee, but they have really similar morals and values to us, which was really important when selecting our coffee supplier. Our donuts are supplied by The Caffeinated Kitchen in Long Beach and hands down make the best vegan donuts we’ve come across.

What is the inspiration behind your signature Extra Ordinary blends?
We wanted to make a small selection of treat-like drinks that weren’t sugar bombs. My wife and I tasked each other on coming up with the signatures, two each, so each one has a twist that meant something special to us.  All of the extraordinary drinks prove that plant-based milkshakes are just as good as dairy-based ones. We use Oatly for our milk and ice cream and top them all off with vegan whipped cream. Yum!

What has it been like opening and operating a new business during this COVID-19 era?
As I’m sure all business owners will agree, it’s not been an easy ride. However, the support we have received from the community, other business owners, and the event organizers that we work with has been truly amazing. We have nearly ridden out the worst of the storm and we are looking forward to seeing what the warmer months have to bring! Thank you, California!

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