Made In Orange County: Ginger Beer and Kombucha From Rich Elixirs in Costa Mesa

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

The husband-and-wife duo behind Rich Elixirs offers rejuvenating drinks such as ginger beer and kombucha. With a focus on gut health, everything is naturally flavored and sweetened with fresh juice, fruits, and herbs. Get a flight to try seasonal flavors including pumpkin chai, apple cranberry cinnamon, or rosemary orange, or take a glass or growler to go ($4.50 to $15.50). 3313 Hyland Ave., 949-445-0102

A Q&A With Owner Brooke Rich

How did Rich Elixirs come about?

We started making kombucha as a hobby in our home. We began bringing it to friends’ parties and weddings over the course of a couple years. We received so much positive feedback that we decided this could maybe be something we can take to the next level. We wanted to just start an event/wholesale business in the beginning, so in June of 2018 I quit my job and began getting things in order to start our business.

About a month later, we heard that there was a possible space opening at the OC Mix Mart (which had previously been a kombucha spot). In September, we officially had the space and started working hard for our opening in November of 2018.

What makes your kombucha unique?

I think the big thing that separates us from other brands, is that we have fresh juice, fruits, and herbs that we use to flavor our kombucha. We never use artificial flavoring, oils, or extra sugar to sweeten or flavor the kombucha. We also do a continuous brew, which allows us to have more control over the balance of the flavoring between sweet and tart to make it palatable for all to enjoy.

Tell us more about your ginger beer.

Our ginger beer is made fresh every week, we juice organic Peruvian ginger, citrus (some flavors have lime juice and some have lemon juice), juice or puree whatever flavors we are making, add a little organic sugar to sweeten it, and carbonate it so it’s a fizzy, refreshing drink.

How does it feel to celebrate your one year anniversary this year?
We are so excited that we are celebrating one year already! It is like watching your baby take its first steps and being so proud to see that it is growing! 

Any new flavors you’re working on for December?
We are working on a fig thyme kombucha for December; we’ve never used fig before so we are intrigued to try it out!

How do you come up with your flavors?
It might sound cliche, but we are very inspired by seasons! We love shopping at local farmers markets and seeing what different fruits, herbs, and spices are available. However, we are biased to winter as it inspires us to jump out of our comfort zone a little more, and play with spices and fruits that we don’t normally.

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