Made in Orange County: Cham Dipping Sauce in Garden Grove

Photograph courtesy of Cham Dipping Sauce

Made with fresh herbs and Thai chile peppers, Cham Dipping Sauce is a condiment inspired by the owners’ Vietnamese heritage. Available in multiple heat levels, it pairs well with seafood, veggies, steak, egg rolls, and chicken wings. $9 to $17 per bottle. At and Sony Hy Supermaket, D&D Seafood, Lynda Sandwiches, Sunrise Supermarket, Dalat Supermarket, Moms Supermarket, Saigon Supermarket, and Green Farm Supermarket. 

Photograph courtesy of Cham Dipping Sauce

5 Questions With Co-Founder Kim Anh

How would you describe the sauce?
Cham Dipping Sauce is a special sauce made with fresh herbs and the finest ingredients to elevate any dishes. It’s a delicious Vietnamese dipping sauce that can be used with seafood, meat, and veggies. There are no preservatives or MSG, and you can really taste the difference. It’s a ready-made sauce that is similar to nuoc cham, which is a traditional Vietnamese sauce used for many homemade dishes. This dipping sauce makes it easy for chefs and non-chefs alike to enjoy the flavors of Cham without needing to make their own sauce for each meal.

What dishes do you recommend pairing with the sauce?
Seafood, steak, egg rolls, salad dressing, salmon spring rolls, chicken wings, and many more!

How much of the sauce is influenced by your heritage?
This is 100 percent influenced by our Vietnamese heritage, with a hint of Thai influence. Anna, our co-founder and sauce creator, loves recreating childhood favorites with the finest ingredients. We are passionate about sharing authentic yet elevated flavors from our heritage.

What has the response been like since you launched?
The demand was wild from the beginning. We launched during the 2020 pandemic amidst uncertainty but we did it with passion. Foodie communities all over the United States embraced Cham Dipping Sauce and shared their love, creativity, and addiction to the sauce. We’ve received accolades from chefs such as Chef Andrew Zimmern who said it was his favorite sauce and one of the Top 10 Foodie Gifts. We are very humbled and grateful by the outpouring of love from fans.

What’s next?
We are currently working on a new sauce, and are very excited to release our Spicy Seafood Cajun Sauce soon! Stay tuned.

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