Made in Dana Point: Super Batter, a Vibrant and Healthy Pancake and Waffle Mix

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

After being laid off during the pandemic, co-founder Ambika Mathur launched Super Batter with her partner James Paul. It’s a pancake and waffle mix featuring better-for-you ingredients such as pitaya, cacao, matcha, and turmeric. The vibrant mixes come in six varieties and are free of gluten, grain, and added sugar ($10). At Dana Point Farmers Market, select O.C. retailers, and

Q&A With Co-Founder Ambika Mathur

What inspired you to launch Super Batter?
I was laid off from my full-time job at a landscape architecture firm as a result of COVID-19. I was really shocked when I lost my job because it had been less than a year since I had gotten my degree from UC Berkeley. The next morning after being laid off, I was craving paleo matcha pancakes. I looked over to my boyfriend, James, and said “Man, I wish I had some healthy matcha pancakes right now… I’m probably not going to do this, and I’m sure it already exists, but that could be good business idea.”
I shrugged off my idea and continued to make breakfast, not knowing that James had actually started scouring Google and Amazon for paleo superfood pancakes. He looked up at me from his laptop and exclaimed, “It doesn’t exist! How has no one thought of this?” We immediately rushed to the store and began testing different recipes. Our mission was to create the first superfood paleo pancake and waffle mix. It had to look pretty, taste great, and cook as well, if not better than, the unhealthy, old school varieties. We ate an absurd amount of pancakes that month. 
What are some of the superfood ingredients in the pancake and waffle mix and what are the nutritional benefits?
Our pancake and waffle mixes have a whole serving of superfood powder per serving. We are really excited about our newest flavor, Adaptogen, because it has reishi mushroom, lion’s mane mushroom, ashwagandha, and maca. These are all medicinal plants that have been used in ancient healing for centuries for their abilities to improve cognitive function, aid immunity, and relieve stress in the body. 
All of our mixes are paleo, meaning that they are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, have no added sugar, and have no artificial junk. You can eat these pancakes and feel satisfied and energized, and avoid the blood sugar spike and energy slump from traditional mixes. 

Tell us about some of your signature flavors.
Blue Matcha: This is our top seller, which is a gorgeous bright blue from the butterfly pea flower plant. It’s anti-inflammatory, aids immunity, and boosts metabolism.
Pitaya: A huge hit amongst little girls and moms. It is naturally hot pink from the dragonfruit plant, high in antioxidants, and rich in prebiotic fiber.
Cacao: Popular amongst our chocolate lovers. People love to use this mix for desserts such as brownies, cookies, etc. Cacao is anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, and has mood-boosting properties.
Adaptogen: This is our “plain” flavor, but also the most powerful mix, as it includes reishi mushroom for longevity, lion’s mane mushroom for memory, ashwagandha for reducing stress, and maca for energy.
Where is Super Batter sold?
People can get our batter from We ship across the US, Canada, and Mexico. We can also be found at the Dana Point Farmers Market, in several San Diego grocery stores, and are just getting into some Orange County grocery stores. For inquiries, people can message us on Instagram @eatsuperbatter or email us at

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