Local Chefs and Restaurant Owners Share Their Favorite Healthy Dishes

The chef behind The Drake’s beet salad shares his go-to clean dish.
Beet salad at The Drake. Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Chef-partner Paul Gstrein at The Drake in Laguna Beach:

“When it comes to healthy food, I do enjoy eating sushi and poke bowls. I go to Good Choice by my house in Laguna Niguel, and I order a poke bowl with ahi, seaweed salad, and cucumber over rice.”

Good Choice chef Alex Arellano:

“I get the grilled shrimp salad with a side of mushrooms at Off the Boat Fish Grill in Tustin. I love the house-made dressing and dipping the shrimp in the diablo sauce to complete the meal.”

Off the Boat Fish Grill partner Moe Ghazi:

“I love the grilled wild salmon salad topped with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, and sherry vinaigrette dressing at L’Hirondelle in San Juan Capistrano. The owner is a real gem.”

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