Lighten Up with Chia Seed Pudding at OEB Breakfast

Photograph by Benjamin Epstein

New OEB Breakfast Co. is known for decadent creations: a duck confit breakfast bowl—with duck-fat-fried herb potatoes, poached eggs, Asiago cheese, brown-butter hollandaise, and cranberry jam—and French toast trifle with brioche, lemon curd, market berries, pistachios, and torched pavlovas. But those seeking a more healthful bent find plenty to satisfy in the menu section Lighten Up—notably a delicious chia seed pudding that persuades light makes right. It’s made with banana, coconut, coconut milk, chia, berries, maple syrup, toasted gluten-free oats, shaved almonds, and pistachios—each ingredient from local purveyors and guaranteed guilt-free. Also consider One Toast, Two Toast, You Toast: one or two slices of artisan multi-seed bread topped with fresh-smashed avocado, garbanzo bean hummus, tomato jam, herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. Italian-Canadian chef-owner Mauro Martina has nine OEB locations in Canada; the spot at Westcliff Plaza is the second U.S. outlet. 1104 Irvine Ave., Newport Beach, 949-438-7337,

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