Laguna Hills Bakery Offers Organic and Gluten-Free Bread

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

AWG Bakery in Laguna Hills specializes in organic, gluten-free, and grain-free bread ($14 to $15). The vegan and paleo loaves come in three varieties—everyday, cinnaspice, and rosemary—and are packaged in compostable bags. Pro tip: Toast your slice for the best texture. Order online at or pick up at select O.C. retailers. 949-354-6550

4 Questions with Owner Hanna Lane

What inspired you to launch AWG Bakery?
A few years ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and autoimmune issues. I decided to put my energy into learning about the healing powers of anti-inflammatory foods and embracing a Paleo lifestyle. I loved bread and knew we had to part ways but it would not be for long! I was determined to create a bread that met all my dietary limitations, something I could not find on the market. After a year of testing, I finally perfected this unique, organic grain-free bread that everyone can eat. I’m so excited to share my bread that you will actually feel good about eating, has beneficial nutrients, and tastes fantastic!

How were you able to perfect the recipe?
AWG Bakery makes organic gluten and grain-free bread that is vegan and paleo. Our bread is extremely unique and unlike any breads out there. When choosing our ingredients it was so important for us to have a high standard and choose organic. Our customers have referred to our bread as life-changing and have said this is how bread should taste! People that have not eaten bread for years can now eat bread again because it checks all of the boxes. When we hear things like this, this is the reason we started the company!

Why do you recommend toasting the bread?
Toasting the bread brings out the flavor and makes it soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. It does not have to be toasted but highly recommended!

Where can we find your bread?
The best way to find the bread is on our website. We ship nationwide and offer pick up at our shop in Laguna Hills. You can check us out on Instagram @awgbakery for recipe ideas and toastspiration!

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