Behind the Counter With Chapman Film School Alum, Jason B. Wise

Credit- Samuel Goldwyn FilmsJason B. Wise, Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts alum, is writer-director of the documentaries “SOMM” and “SOMM: Into the Bottle.”

Why Chapman film school?
There was an incredibly collaborative atmosphere, and students had their hands on equipment I had dreamed of using.

Why dedicate “SOMM” to professor Garcia?
David Garcia was hands-down the greatest, most motivating teacher. I told him I was going to make a feature film about wine, and he told me he would buy me a case of Champagne if I could pull it off.

A standout wine memory?
When I proposed to my wife in New Orleans, we drank a bottle of Chateau Simone Rosé. And when we finally finished “Into The Bottle,” we drank two bottles of Ruinart Champagne because it was such a tough film to make.
Those were some incredibly memorable bottles attached to important things in my life.

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