HOODS: Weekend Campout

A quiet office park behind The Camp in Costa Mesa has remade itself as a foodie-friendly destination.
Penelope’s Perfections
Photograph courtesy of Penelope’s Perfections

Penelope’s Perfections

Known for its elegant wedding cakes and made-to-order birthday cakes, this bakery also offers custom iced sugar cookies, cake pops, and minidesserts such as lemon squares and petit fours. Even if you’re not in the market for special-occasion sweets, pop in for a slice of lemon raspberry or chocolate fudge cake and a cup of coffee, or buy some cupcakes or cookies to take home.
2952 Randolph Ave., 949-402-8328

Salty Bear Brewing

The patio at this brewery fills up fast on weekends with beer lovers enjoying pints ($7 to $8) and half-pints ($4.50) of IPAs and lagers made in the massive stainless-steel tanks behind the bar. Order a Gnarwhal Blonde or Aloha Guava Kolsch and a bite from one of the visiting food trucks and sit at one of the wooden picnic tables to listen to the bands playing on the small stage in the corner.
2948 Randolph Ave., 714-486-2165

Work In Progress

Bright and airy, with clean white walls, big sliding doors that open to a small patio, and a large skylight over the order counter, this cafe offers a short but satisfying menu: a burrito ($13) and breakfast sandwich ($11) in the morning, four sandwiches at lunch ($13), and an array of coffee, espresso, and tea drinks all day. Visit in the afternoon for a charcuterie board ($19 to $30) and a glass of wine.
2944 Randolph Ave.

The Inconvenience Store

The first thing you see when walking into this treasure trove of quirky gifts are the dried flowers hanging from a wood trellis built over the back half of the store. Start looking around, and you’ll find not only beautiful, everlasting bouquets but also all kinds of weirdly wonderful things, such as vintage Garfield memorabilia, hand-sewn patches, and an incense holder that looks like an orange traffic cone.
2944 Randolph Ave.

Good To Know
Stop by Penelope’s Perfections Tuesday through Saturday for desserts and coffee at the outdoor bistro tables.