Have It Your Way: Pizza

You pick from the salad-bar-style toppings to make your own magic
Blaze Pizza

Mod Pizza
Mod pitches artisan style pizza, and the gloriously airy, irregular, perfectly charred rim makes the case. The prize—tasty toppings: roasted whole garlic cloves and mama lil’s sweet hot peppers, alongside the expected minced garlic and jalapenos.
Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills

Blaze Pizza
Fast line, fast pizza—180 seconds in blistering heat—medium-thin crust with blistered lip, generous with ingredients, accommodating, and a entive to a fault. Spicy sauces yes, anchovies no. Half one style, half another? No problem.
Nine O.C. locations

Pizza Project
Hand-tossed crust and complex, deeply  avored tomato sauce push this franchise wannabe’s pies up a couple notches. There’s a choice of two sizes. Adding good beers to the mix might boost the family-centric traffic.

Pie Nation
Quality cheeses, a lush red sauce, and a crispy crust give this newbie an edge. An eager army stands ready to precisely execute any pizza plan, but we loved the Pentacheese, one of six signature pies. Gluten free and vegan options, too.
Huntington Beach

Superthin dough bakes fast under high heat for a crispy crust able to support your pick from scads of toppings. Or choose a pre-designed pie. This category pioneer has the details down, so expect efficient, cheerful service.
Irvine, Westminster

A thin, crispy, almost delicate disk supports any of 30-plus toppings at one price. Prettily presented pizzas arrive hot, cheese-generous, and ingredient-sparse.
The provocative list of beers recently included a black IPA on tap.
Santa Ana

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