Handmade Noodles by Sara Lezama, Owner of Rye Goods in Newport Beach [Photo Essay]

Rye Goods is set to open its first storefront at Lido Marina Village.

“Right before the pandemic, I had bought my whole family a class with Sonoko Sakai, who does ramen noodle classes up in L.A. I kind of started with her recipe, took it to the bakery, and deconstructed it. (With our ramen), we’re milling our own rye, toasting our rye, using whole wheat flour instead of white flour, and arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch. And with COVID-19 and everything, I thought, what if we could make a super vitamin-packed and immune-boosting broth to go along with it? I think we really nailed this toasted rye ramen noodle. It’ll definitely be a staple on the menu (at our) shop. It’s such an unusual thing to be able to pick up fresh from the bakery. You don’t hear about that outside of Asia.”

Photographs by Emily J. Davis


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