Grasslands: Anaheim GardenWalk’s Sprawling New BBQ & Meat Restaurant

St. Louis pork ribs with baby potatoes

Anaheim GardenWalk has a sprawling new restaurant with a sprawling name: Grasslands Meat Market BBQ & Churrasco. Think churrasco without the gaucho-garbed carvers, and expect more churrasco cuts than ribs. The star of this show is short rib—cut long!—sumptuous and, at $30 per rib, easily shared. Other highlights are juicy, slow-smoked brisket, the famed Brazilian cut picanha, and spicy Malagueta barbecue sauce. Pulled-pork is served with chimichurri sauce, while bacon, so thick that a pound yields only four slices, arrives on a skewer. Barbecued shrimp and Mary’s roasted chicken are offered as well, and sides include yucca fries and vegetarian black beans. Platters include the Hangry, with three meats, fries, and salad. Six house-made sodas include Golden Cola and Coffee Cream. Owner Bill Drexel has a sibling concept, Pampas, in Palo Alto and Las Vegas. Prices range from $4 to $30.

400 W. Disney Way, Anaheim, 657-208-1133,

We were so happy to welcome Grasslands to Orange Coast’s Whiskey Classic this year! Here they are serving up some of their savory Brisket Sliders with Whiskey BBQ Sauce, Brazilian Cheese Bread with Chicken & Avocado Salad and White Chocolate Cheesecake Bites!


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