Garden Grove’s Newest Seafood Stop: The Wharf

Sleepy Main Street in Garden Grove gets a wake-up call with a new, mostly seafood spot from the owners of the Wild Crab. Dishes combine traditional Vietnamese flavors with fiery Southern spices in spacious digs with an under‑the-sea vibe. Enjoy oysters fresh, grilled, or crispy fried. Or try the Thai larb gai lettuce wraps, with minced ground chicken, gizzards and hearts, pork ears and tongue, and toasted sticky rice sautéed in chile vinaigrette. Design your own barbecue skewers with dozens of items that include octopus or chicken wings grilled with sauces such as bean-curd chili. The cook-at-the-table seafood hot pot offers shrimp, clams, mussels, squid, enoki mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, spinach, tofu, and vermicelli noodles and can be made Cajun spicy or mild. Specialty seafood combinations are feasts, and the crawfish mac ’n’ cheese, above, is a standout. Figure on one napkin per bite here. Prices range from about $8 to $25, but vary with market price. 12941 Main St., Garden Grove, 714-530-1388,

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