Fountain Valley chef Taiki Kuramoto Wins Hulu Show “Best In Dough”

The executive chef of Fountain Valley’s Momoyama wins $10,000 on Hulu’s first season of “Best In Dough”.
Photographs by Michael Desmond/Hulu

On episode eight of “Best In Dough,” Taiki Kuramoto wowed the judges and jury with his sashimi pizza. Kuramoto was the underdog of the episode having to go up against two chefs who regularly make pizza. “We ate our pizzas together and their pizza was good, so I thought I lost,” Kuramoto says. “When they announced that I was the winner it took a few seconds because I didn’t think I won; it felt like I was in a dream. The other chefs asked for the recipe after the show.” 

Kuramoto came to the U.S. from Japan 16 years ago. Now, he is the executive chef at the popular sushi restaurant Momoyama, where customers can find delicious omakase options. “I’ve had many customers come in after they watched the show and say, ‘Hey Taiki where’s my pizza?’ Eventually I think I’ll have to put it on the menu.” 

Not only does Kuramoto serve sushi, sashimi, and more at his restaurant, but customers can also expect to enjoy a few jokes. “My goal is to become a sushi comedian and have a stage in Vegas,” Kuramoto says. “I work here every day and I try to be something different than other sushi restaurants because anybody can make good sushi, but not everybody can be a sushi comedian, so I try to make my customers laugh. I’m (performing on) a small stage every day.”  

See more on Kuramoto’s Instagram @chef_taiki.