Food News: Doughnuts with Old-World Technique, and a Splashy Mexican Newcomer

Pistachio praline doughnut from Oliboli Donuts.

Oliboli Donuts
Oliboli does things the right way. Its naturally leavened yeast doughnuts are made from stone-ground flour that captures wild yeast as the dough proofs. There’s a cactus pear variety dipped in a vivid pink glaze and cake-style doughnuts, too, like the bumbleberry made with raspberries, marionberries, and blueberries, in a place that never feels like it’s resorting to gimmicks. 135 W. First St., Tustin, 714-760-4876

Descanso has a specific vision: to bring the conviviality and interactivity of a street-side taquero into the dining room. To that end, the restaurant built seats around its planchas, those flat-top grills where slabs of steak and hunks of carnitas are crisped before being slid into warm tortillas. But the menu isn’t all about tacos—there’s a full array of modern Mexican dishes, too. 1555 Adams Ave., Costa Mesa, 714-486-3798

Huskins Coffee Co.
This is the passion project of Kent and Bri Huskins, a pair who fell in love with coffee in Paris. After retiring from a hockey career that included winning the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks, Kent dove into roasting and brewing coffee. Huskins uses only organic, fair-trade beans and even serves a Hometown Latte made with maple imported from Kent’s homeland—Canada. 1901 E. First St., Santa Ana, 714-496-8258

Wawa Donkatsu
When it’s cooked just right, Korean donkatsu (a dish descended from Japanese tonkatsu) is a special meal: a pork cutlet breaded and fried to a perfect, greaseless crunch.
It’s the focus at Wawa Donkatsu, where chicken, fish, and vegetables get the same crispy treatment. The menu is rounded out by satisfying, pub-like Korean food that’s best at the end of a night out. 9562 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, 714-638-8751

Drink of the Month
Italian Lemonade

Everything’s big and bold at Wreckless in Fullerton, but the Italian Lemonade reveals a softer side. The drink is a mix of Meyer lemon liqueur, amaretto, lemon, lime, and a sprig of basil. It’s sweet but not cloying, with a touch of tartness and a hint of floral perfume from the basil. This is an easy drink to enjoy, like a last kiss of winter before spring.

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