Food News: A Growing Acai Chain Plus Three New Spots To Try

Classics and reimagined staples shine at these new spots.

Ubatuba Acai | Growing acai chain opens its first O.C. spot in Downtown Fullerton.
Ubatuba Acai is here to help you eat better. Acai is the focus with Brazilian-style bowls crowned with fresh fruit of your choice and all manner of healthy additions such as goji berries, bee pollen, protein powder, and more. If you need a more substantial snack, Ubatuba also makes flaky Brazilian empanadas and cheesy pao de queijo. 130 E. Chapman Ave., Fullerton, 714-599-3070

House of Kabob | Stylish new destination offers just about every Persian classic.
At House of Kabob, you’d be remiss not to consider the many Persian skewered meats. But there’s much more to the restaurant than a nicely charred koobideh kabob. The sizable space leaves room for the kitchen to cook favorites such as ghormeh sabzi (an herbed veal stew) and shirin polo (a glorious rice pilaf with almonds, pistachios, and orange peel served alongside poached chicken). 408 S. Brookhurst St., Anaheim, 714-635-1112 

Qin West Noodle | A fast-casual Northern Chinese noodle specialist opens in Irvine.
The signature at Qin West Noodle is the Guilin noodle soup: beef shank, pickled cabbage, lily flower buds, tofu skin, peanuts, and rice noodles in a spicy (but customizable) broth. Still, the rest of the shop’s Northern Chinese cooking is a refreshing find—especially dishes like mo (a sort-of street sandwich stuffed with pork or beef) and saozi noodle soup with diced pork, potato, tofu, and radish. 6200 Scholarship, Irvine, 949-932-0465

Arc Butcher & Baker | The team opens an all-day cafe serving Americana and takeout meals.
Marin and Noah von Blöm’s fire-focused Arc has always been a smash, but their take on diner fare at the shuttered Restaurant Marin was equally noteworthy. Now with Arc Butcher & Baker, the pair returns with impossibly fluffy pancakes, meatloaf better than you’ve ever had, and moist, mile-high cakes. This place is also prepared to rescue your weekday dinners with ready-made family meals. 417 30th St., Newport Beach, 949-877-0190

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