Duck is the Star in This Luxurious Sandwich at Popular Burger Spot

Photo credit: Benjamin Epstein

The runaway favorite vendor at Tustin’s new Mess Hall is Vaka Burger. The long lines are for burgers, naturally, but we’re there again for the PaTo LoCo: crispy duck confit, duck chicharron, provolone, pickled red onions, chipotle aioli, and baby arugula on Texas toast. “We use a high-end item—a whole duck cooked in its own fat,” chef-owner Aaron Perez says. “We sear the toast with the duck fat, too. It’s a really luxurious sandwich.” Want a side of fries? Consider the Patote de Puerco: Kennebecs twice-fried in duck and bacon fat with chile de arbol, cheese, and parsley. 1705 Flight Way, Tustin, 714-259-0027

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