Dish of The Year: Hendrix’s Burrata Cheese Muffin

With his burrata cheese muffin at Hendrix in Laguna Niguel, chef Rainer Schwarz squeezes big flavors into a small package.

1. A crusty muffin exterior hides the unexpected inside—eggy, buttery house‑made spaetzle, the German noodle that’s too scarce on today’s menus.

2. The nutmeg-spiced muffin gets salty umami from bits of smoky Nueske bacon tucked within.

3. Cool, silky burrata supplies a blast of fresh dairy lushness and a robust temperature contrast

4. A tuft of basil sprouts over blistered tomatoes veils a smidgen of preserved lemon bursting with complex acidity.

5. The herby, floral notes of a sprightly pesto bring a vibrant cohesiveness to the dish.

Want to taste it? Come to our Best Restaurants party next Thursday where you’ll get to sample it yourself! More info here

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