Dining Dynasties: At AnQi, Family Fiercely Protects the Recipe for its Signature Dish

Helene An first served her now-world-famous garlic noodles in 1977 in San Francisco. Later her family expanded into Orange County.

The beloved recipe is diligently guarded, known only to a handful of chefs with at least 10 years of experience in Mama An’s Secret Kitchen.

“Over 200 orders per day are served to fans that include Kobe Bryant, Sofia Vergara, and Oprah,” says daughter Elizabeth An, head of House of An.

Orders of the addictive dish have been delivered by private jet to China and by Uber to the Beverly Hills home of a prized regular.

Roasted crab is the most popular pairing with the delicate noodles, but they suit just about every dish. “Lobster is a close second,” says chef Helene “Mama” An.

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