The Details: Leatherby’s Berry Shortcake Dessert

Photo by Mariah Tauger

THE DESSERT Lavender shortcake with vanilla berry cream, compressed strawberries, buttermilk sponge, and micro-basil
THE details Pastry chef Gregory Barber uses raspberry gelee to achieve the bright-red glaze. “It’s able to be used as a glaze because of the gelatin in the gelee. The idea behind this dessert was wanting something fresh and light, since most of the guests are going to see the show after dinner. I didn’t want to do a typical strawberry shortcake, so I used different berries and prepared them in different ways. By heating up the shortcake, it really helps bring the lavender out, giving the dish a nice floral note.”
The price $10  The place Leatherby’s Cafe Rouge in Costa Mesa  


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