Deconstruction: Cucina Enoteca’s Summer Panna Cotta

Panna cotta isn’t a complicated indulgence. And at Cucina Enoteca, simplicity reigns, but in an elevated fashion, making the Newport Beach restaurant’s seasonal version a dessert we crave.

IMG_2343cmyk➜Made with blueberry puree, these tender mini-meringues melt in your mouth.

➜Coconut lime sorbet adds a delicate swath of citrus and a punch of the tropics, the taste of summer in every bite.

➜Flecked with vanilla bean, this crème fraîche panna cotta is firm, while still displaying just the right amount of wiggle.

➜Chef Richard Soto poaches peach sections to soften any under-ripeness and coax out their true sweetness.

➜Adding some serious crunch, the house-made, gluten-free granola is the ultimate textural contrast to the creamy base.

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