Daydream Surf Shop Collaborates with Local Influencer to Create the Blue Pearl Matcha

Newport Beach’s Kiana Hanaoka creates her own fall drink at a local surf shop.

In September, Costa Mesa’s Daydream Surf Shop released its latest seasonal drink in collaboration with Newport Beach’s Kiana Hanaoka, @keeksitsimple on Instagram. “I go to Daydream every single day,” Hanaoka says. “People always say things like, ‘Whenever I go to Daydream, I expect to run into you.’ ” After hearing suggestions from the community and friends for her to come out with her own drink at the coffee shop, Hanaoka came up with the idea for the Blue Pearl Matcha ($7.50).

The iced, blue-hued matcha drink is made with Moon Juice’s pearl powder (which contains collagen and calcium and has anti-aging benefits) and spirulina (known for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties). After experiencing a hormonal imbalance and breakouts after she stopped taking birth control, Hanaoka says she started making this drink every day to remedy the issue. The Blue Pearl Matcha will be available for the duration of fall.

Photograph by Kiana Hanaoka

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