The Dazed and Confused Cocktail from Pacific Hideaway That’s Creating a Buzz

At Pacific Hideaway, the Dazed and Confused far outsells lead bartender Casey Lyons’ other creations at this Surf City hotel bar. Full disclosure: The garnish clipped to the side of the glass looks and smells like a lit joint—or so we’re told—but it’s made with sage and oregano. Whenever it’s served, the aromatics and visuals turn heads in the hip dining room, and it’s inevitably passed around the table. A pineapple spin on the classic Dark ’n’ Stormy, it combines Caña Brava and Plantation Pineapple rums with house-made ginger syrup and lime. Lyons says it’s his California take on a 1993 movie about Texas stoner teens in muscle cars. It took some doing to get the garnish just right: Too much oregano, it smells more like marinara than marijuana; too much sage, it smells burnt. Fifty-fifty nails it, he says. 500 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, 714-965-4448, 

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