The Crack Shack is Open in Costa Mesa

It is not your average restaurant — and this is not your average chicken.
5 Piece Fried Chicken

For fans of all things chicken, the wait was finally over last month when The Crack Shack opened in Costa Mesa. The much anticipated chicken eatery comes to Orange County thanks to restaurateur Michael Rosen and Chef Richard Blais, of Top Chef fame. With already established locations in San Diego and Encitas, the O.C. spot on 17th Street becomes the third installment with a fourth one expected to open in Century City this spring.

Matzo Ball Pozole with fixins’, Classic Slaw

At The Crack Shack, the emphasis is on elevating chicken and the egg as a culinary treat. The concept being that chicken which is often thought of as ordinary and boring can be everything but that. This is evident in the thoughtful use of herbs and spices in the deliciously juicy and tender fried chicken dishes, sandwiches and sides as well as the commitment to using locally raised, free-living chickens without antibiotics. Deviled eggs are addicting with french toast crumble and candied bacon and the Matzo ball pozole is a creative and masterful balance of flavors in a hearty bowl of broth, braised chicken, lime, schmaltz and fixins’. But whatever you do, try the fried chicken.

“There’s no reason a $12 chicken sandwich can’t be treated like a $90 roast chicken.” – Chef Richard Blais

After ordering at the outdoor counter, customers enter a bright and open space made warm and inviting with casual banquette seating, communal tables, and a live vertical garden that overlooks a cornhole game. A full bar to the left immediately evokes a feeling of liveliness to the room. Along with the quirky messaging and amusing chicken imagery throughout, the atmosphere is casual, unpretentious and welcomes you with a sense of humor. The Crack Shack is proof that refined food prepared in a sophisticated manner can be presented and consumed in an informal way and still be equally if not more enjoyable. It also makes clear the point that it’s okay to eat fine chicken and goof off a little. How can you not when the largest chicken you’ve ever seen in your life is the first to greet you at the door. The Crack Shack – 196 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, (949) 383-5040,



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