COVID-19 Anniversary: Daughters of Restaurateur Jordan Otterbein Share How The Pandemic Shifted Their Work

A team to lean on: Madison Harris, Megan and Grace Otterbein, and Paige Prelesnik—all daughters of restaurateur Jordan Otterbein—work together at A Restaurant and CdM Restaurant. They share thoughts about how the pandemic shifted their work.
Photograph by Cailend Robbins/Wyld Honey Photography

server and social media director at A Restaurant, events coordinator for all
“We’re a rare case where ownership is thinking long term and planning for after this pandemic. So we’re making some really cool adjustments to the existing spaces and kind of repurposing them. We have the speakeasy at CdM that could be utilized really well for private parties, which we’ve always done but kind of reaching people who want small, intimate dinner parties. We have such great options for that within A and CdM and are really excited about the new restaurant that’s going to open in the fall.”

server at A Restaurant
“One of the many silver linings to living through this pandemic has been the opening of so many outdoor dining spaces. Both A and CdM’s new patios are so beautiful, and that’s just one way we’ve adapted to the times. I was lucky enough to finally get a job at A. With the patio opening, they needed a new server, and a serving position doesn’t open often at A. Most of the staff has been working there for many years—another reason why it really feels like one big family.”

server at CdM Restaurant
“We used CdM Restaurant as a meeting place to participate in a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest in June. We really saw the community come together in such a positive way, and we were proud to use the restaurant and the platform we have to support that important cause.”

server, assistant manager, and social media director at CdM Restaurant
“Our dad and McG (business partner Joseph McGinty Nichol) have gone above and beyond to ensure all of the employees know they’re just as important or more important as each guest that walks through the door. They really took care of everyone and made sure we all got through these tough times. It’s their leadership and support that encourages us all to build for the future and continue our father’s legacy.”

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