Cinépolis USA has turned the movie-going night out into a full-fledged luxury entertainment experience.

Going to the movies has always been a treat that all families have enjoyed. Somehow losing yourself in a large dark room with a killer sound system lends itself to getting lost in the world of cinema magic. Movie theaters have upped their game in recent years, due to the popularity of streaming and on-demand services, but no other venue has been as thoughtful or customer-focused with their approach as Cinépolis USA.  

From the moment you step into a luxury cinema by Cinépolis, you’ll notice that every detail is greatly elevated with complete care and intent to enhance the moviegoer’s experience. Even before you walk through the front doors, you are greeted with a glass paneled facade, bright signage and modern landscaping. Some locations even have outdoor patio seating and heaters where visitors can hang out while waiting for their movies to begin. Many of the usual things you’d see at other theaters are pleasantly missing, such as the large electronic display board of movie times, ticket windows and most certainly the lines in front of them.  

The lobby is open and inviting with wood floors, comfortable lounge seating and a concessions counter with such tempting treats as zebra popcorn (popcorn drizzled with dark and white chocolate, a crowd favorite), gourmet caramel churros and chocolate lava cake. There’s a full bar with stools, table seating and large screen TV which make the spot ideal for a happy hour meetup or a quick drink before dinner. Rest your legs in the roomy lounge area filled with plush armchairs, an area which more closely resembles an upscale hotel lobby than a movie theater. With the scarcity of any seating in most other theaters, the abundance of it at Cinépolis is a welcomed departure. 

Comfort is a huge plus when you’re preparing to stay anywhere for a couple of hours but without a doubt, the most comfortable seats in the building are the ones you’ll find right in the theater where the movie plays. They come leather upholstered with large cup holders, a swiveling side table and enough room for a purse, jacket, blanket, pillow or anything else you want to bring along for the show. Roomy with ample cushioning, chances are they are more comfortable than your sofa at home. Two buttons on the side allow you to fully recline the chair as well as raise the footrest. A word of warning: The less engaged or overtired may succumb to the sleep inducing lounge chairs and find themselves struck with a bout of movie napping.

After settling in a server will greet you, take your drink order and answer any questions about the menu. Lying back, perusing the food options while someone brings you drinks feels somewhat of a guilty pleasure but ultimately you give in to the idea that you could get used to this. With the simple push of a button on the armrest, you can signal your server for a request. Luxury amenities clearly abound throughout the entire venue but where Cinépolis notably shines is their menu.

Their new menu which puts a greater focus on larger portions, more value and expanded options is nothing short of what you’d find at an upscale bistro. The Monterrey Torta is an herb marinated olive stuffed pork loin sandwich. The pork is brined in-house for 24 hours and is a surprisingly sophisticated and ambitious, not to mention tasty, menu item for a movie theater. The Tapas and Cheese Plate for Two is equally impressive with crostini topped with pesto goat cheese, prosciutto and arugula. The Spicy Edamame makes the perfect light snack but definitely packs a lot of flavor and kick. The menu offers an array of different global cuisine options from Greek Gyros to Baja Bowls and Vietnamese Tacos and you get the sense that there is truly something for everyone no matter what your tastes may be. With the elevated menu offerings available at one of Cinépolis’ Luxury cinemas, now dinner-and-a-movie can be easily enjoyed together at a single locale.

Of course one of the best parts about the whole Cinépolis Luxury experience is the availability of alcoholic beverages. You aren’t limited to just beer and wine like other theaters. Instead you can order from a full-bar menu with signature cocktails, top shelf liquors, draft beer and a wine list with about two dozen choices. Join Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas for happy hour Monday to Thursday from 3:30-5:30pm and get 40% off house wines by the glass, draft beer, and well liquor.  

And when you simply want popcorn and a soda, they have that too. There’s just something about movie-theater popcorn that can’t be replicated in a microwave-popped alternative. When you can skip the lines, sink into a wide plush chair and surrender to Cinépolis’ premiere service, the movie, popcorn and entire evening become that much more enjoyable. Whether it’s the food, drinks, seating, service or entertainment, everything is treated with clear attention to detail to give moviegoers the best experience possible. If you’ve never been to a luxury cinema by Cinépolis, you’re sure to be in for a real treat. 

Orange County Locations

Laguna Niguel
Ocean Ranch Village
Laguna Niguel, CA
(949) 373-7900

Rancho Santa Margarita
Santa Margarita Town Center
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
(949) 835-1888

Other California Locations

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas Del Mar
San Diego, Ca

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas La Costa
Carlsbad, Ca

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas Pacific Palisades
Pacific Palisades, Ca

Cinépolis Pico Rivera
Pico Rivera, Ca

Cinépolis Vista
Vista, Ca

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas Westlake Village
Westlake Village, Ca


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