The Breakdown: Vegetarian Poke from Citizen Kitchen

Chef Zach Geerson of Citizen Kitchen substitutes watermelon for raw tuna in this refreshing and cleverly executed dish.

  1. Freshly diced watermelon is vacuum-sealed and left to marinate in the freezer. This breaks down its texture, making
    it similar to silky-smooth tuna.
  2. Delicate pieces of torched rice paper serve as crispy contrasts.
  3. A garnish of basil and parsley offers earthy aromatics and a flavor blend
    of bitter and sweet.
  4. Crème fraîche—mixed with avocado, wasabi, and lime—adds a nice boost of acidity.
  5. Sesame seeds create texture while also mimicking the look of white watermelon seeds.

    $9, 1500 Raymond Ave., Fullerton 714‑635-9000,

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