Bite: Me Jelly, uJelly

IMG_2473“Donut worry. Be happy.” That’s the motto on the wall at uJelly in Fountain Valley, the new doughnut spot from Andy Nguyen and Scott Nghiem of Afters Ice Cream, and Lysa-Thuy Pham, founder of Fusion Tea Bar. (Afters, known for its ice-cream-stuffed Milky Buns, has expanded to seven locations in two years.) The new shop offers six to 10 doughnut varieties at any time, with flavors that include, clockwise from top left: taro, Vietnamese coffee (our favorite), strawberry shortcake, coconut flan, Oreo, and cinnamon roll; the capper on the coconut doughnut is a whole miniature flan. Stuffed croissants are out of the ordinary, too, with versions inspired by pizza, Philly cheesesteak, and Flaming Cheetos. Beverages include coffee but center on teas—milk teas, cream teas, sea-salt teas, and fresh-fruit teas with boba add-ins. 16051 Brookhurst St.

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