Best New Restaurants 2021: Mayfield Features California Cuisine with Timeless Mediterranean Flavors

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Mayfield stands out in a batch of newborn restaurants that will never know life pre-pandemic. It’s hard to imagine this serene, split-level venue full. Transplanted Londoner George Barker can picture it, though. He has nursed that vision for five years.

Mayfield’s is a singular concept—local California cuisine with the timeless flavors of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa. Chef Jayro Martinez, well-traveled but most recently of Social and Ahba, is a gifted interpreter of Barker’s vision. Enchanting flavors meander through dishes such as Hasselback celery root, beet burrata salad with honey walnut pesto, and osso buco unlike any other. A compelling cocktail program is a strength, too. Mayfield’s worldly aura and category-busting cuisine is already a high point of 2021.

31761 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949-218-5140

Orange County’s Best New Restaurants of 2021

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