Behind the Counter: Linda Saenz of Lucky Habanero Salsa

Linda Saenz on building Lucky Habanero from local product to national distribution.

013[1].jpgWhat’s the first step to national distribution?
When buyers try my salsa for the first time and their faces light up—the rest is logistics.

When did sales take a big jump?
Three years ago, our numbers doubled when we went into Stater Bros., and tripled this year with the addition of Sprouts nationwide. Also at Mother’s and Whole Foods.

The secret to your success?
My dad—from him I learned to work every day like my life depends on it. I set high goals, and each time I meet them, I set even higher ones.

What’s in the works?
Mango Firecracker salsa. And we’ve just introduced a flour-tortilla wrap infused with sun-dried tomatoes, wonderful herbs, and a pinch of habanero.

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