Behind the Counter With Elyssa Fournier and Admiring Her Incredible O.C. Made Crostatas

Photo by Priscilla Iezzi

The pastry chef’s time spent working for Jacques Torres, Le Pain Quotidien, and Andrei’s in Irvine led to her Corona del Mar home-based Mixed Bakery.

Elyssa Fournier Mixed BakeryBiggest change going from pro to home kitchen?
Not being able to bake as much as I want, fast enough. In a professional kitchen, I would have a 30-quart mixer and ovens that hold full-size sheet pans.

Which pastry have you been making the longest?
Banana chocolate-chip muffins—and they’re still one of my most-requested items.

Current trend in pastry?
French macarons and doughnuts seem to be it right now—my guess is eclairs will be next.

Your family’s favorite?
My son, Maxime, loves my take on Twix bars; my daughter, Solenne, loves my brownies; and my husband, after much debating, decided he loves my espresso cookies.

What’s next?
Hopefully, you soon will have an actual Mixed Bakery storefront to go to.

Take your pick of these Italian jam tarts (above, $5), turned out in the home kitchen of veteran pastry chef Elyssa Fournier of Corona del Mar. Choose from cookies, bars, scones, cakes, pies, and breads at her online Mixed Bakery.

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