Behind the Counter: Brett Mohr of ChocXO

Brett Mohr’s job as manager of ChocXO Coffee & Cacao in Costa Mesa requires expertise in both kinds of beans.

What’s your coffee background?
After college, my friend and I ran a coffee business in the Bay Area. When I moved back to Orange County, that’s when I found ChocXO.

How did you find it?

Is your job more coffee or more chocolate?
Both. My real job, however, is with the guests. I treat people how I would like to be treated.

What do you want customers to know about your coffee?
The quality of our single-origin espressos is incredible.

Best-selling drink?
The mochas.

What’s your drink?
I go for a single-origin pour-over in the morning, and different combinations of espressos and dark chocolates in the afternoon.

ChocXO Coffee and Cacao
1534 Adams Ave.,
Costa Mesa, 657-231-6190,

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