Bartender Couple Brings NYC Cocktail Experience to O.C.

Kacie and Luke Lambert bring NYC cocktail experience to O.C. at Pie Society (Kacie), and Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens (Luke).
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

ANY difference between N.Y. and O.C. patrons?
Luke: “Orange County has all the resources—the weather, the beauty. Because of this, people don’t necessarily feel the need to drink here like they may feel in places like New York.”
Kacie: “New Yorkers know what drinks they want, and they want them quickly. Orange County guests want to have conversations. That created a bit of a culture shock for us.”

What’s your main role?
Luke: “We’re part of the guest’s personal history with each interaction. If you’re not trying to create that history as a bartender, then what are you doing?”

Favorite thing about O.C.?
Kacie: “There’s a better work-life balance in Orange County. In New York, it’s all about hustle, hustle, hustle.”

Do you have a strategy?
Luke: “We want to serve drinks with a purpose. We want people to enjoy an exceptional experience in a way that doesn’t feel exclusive.”

Where do you see your career in five years?
Kacie: “We’d love to see Orange County’s bar scene compete with other major bar scenes one day. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think that was possible.”

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