A Breakdown of the Brown Butter Scallops Dish at Whitestone Restaurant in Dana Point

The dish exemplifies executive chef Tony Celeste’s scratch cooking and love of Japanese cuisine
Photograph by Emily J. Davis
  1. Dried hijiki seaweed from Japan is rehydrated with lime juice and shiro-dashi, a mildly smoky sauce. The acidity and umami cut through the buttery scallops.

2. A scallop roulade is made using meat glue, seared on all sides, and cut into three individual scallops.

3. The scallops sit on butter emulsion and are garnished with savory lime salsa, caramelized brown butter crumbs, and micro cilantro.

4. Spicy togarashi popcorn adds texture and nuttiness. “Our sous chef (Nick Herrera) said it best: Popcorn and scallops are best friends. They just never met,” Celeste says.

$29, 34212 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point, 949-489-8911

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