A Breakdown of Postino WineCafe’s Bruschetta Board

Discover the many choices for Postino WineCafe’s bruschetta board.
Photograph Courtesy of Postino WineCraft

When it comes to Postino WineCafe’s bruschetta, selecting a board of four varieties out of the dozen options is the toughest part. Each starts with a freshly sliced Postino roll lightly toasted to perfection before topping. 

For the first-timer: Most people consider fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced tomato, and aromatic basil to be the de facto bruschetta, and this one delivers. 

For the umami lover: A heap of garlicky marinated mushrooms, slices of fresh basil, and creamy mascarpone lay the groundwork for this toothsome bite. 

For the goat cheese devotee: Pepper jam and velvety goat cheese form the perfect contrast between sweet and a kiss of spice. 

For the aperitivo fan: Fig trees grow wild across the Italian landscape, inspiring this classic flavor combination. Prosciutto di Parma, fig, and luscious mascarpone join forces to make this salty, sweet, and creamy bite a celebration of Italy.