6 Delicious Dishes O.C. Chefs Recommend on Their Menus

Photograph courtesy of Outshine PR

Buried in every menu are items the chef adores but that diners might overlook. Perhaps the ingredients are unfamiliar. Or the item doesn’t sound trendy enough. Poor graphic design can doom a dish, as can a bland description. Dig deep and unearth these gems.

Andy’s Egg, Glasspar
One perfectly poached egg in its shell is laden with local uni, caviar shimeji mushrooms, purple dragon radish, and toasted garlic. Chef Rob Wilson invented this for a frequent customer at his Dana Point spot, and he’ll make one for you on request. $30

Pan-roasted Black Cod, Shorebird
Buttery with big velvety flakes, rich sablefish fillet warms up to a vivid sherry-tomato vinaigrette at this new spot in Newport Beach. Chive-speckled whipped potatoes are an indulgent partner. A sunny-side-up quail egg is the finishing touch. $38

Roasted Bone Marrow & Shrimp Spaghetti, Mix Mix Kitchen Bar
Fresh tomato sauce, crunchy chile oil, and shrimp fermented in-house combine to make an exceptional pasta entree in Santa Ana that chef Ross Pangilinan loves. Always order what the chef loves. Always. $26

Mushroom Toast, NOVA
Ultra-savory yet somehow light, shimeji and shiitake mushrooms sizzled in butter with a touch of garlic are tempting to eat on their own—but don’t. Those just-toasted baguette slices are the delivery carb with a texture that pushes the tender ’shrooms over the top. $11

Wedge Salad, Wise Guys
You expect a faultless wedge salad from a steakhouse, not a busy pizzeria. Find it listed above the minestrone soup at the Orange and Yorba Linda locations. Heavy on all the goodies, it’s a colossal serving that easily satisfies two. $9

Basterma, Rosine’s
Ruby-red slices of air-cured, spiced beef tenderloin are crammed with flavor and toothy texture that vaguely recalls prosciutto. Served as an appetizer with spears of Persian cucumber, squares of creamy Valbreso cheese, and fresh mint, this lovely nosh hides in a long list of cold starters. $13

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